The specific objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be to educate people about Annie Frances Lee; who she was, what she did, and why she is important historically, culturally, and aesthetically to America and specifically the black race. Furthermore, our objective and purpose is to continue Annie’s legacy of creativity, charity, fellowship, and black achievement. Our goal of establishing an art gallery to serve as a hub to house original artworks created by Annie and/or a destination location for people to come connect with her story is set for 2016. The facility is where we will collect, preserve, appraise, archive, and exhibit said works to further our purpose. Hosting art events and subleasing space for seminars, classes, and other art related activities is also an option. In addition to these things, we hope to unify the community of people that have already invested themselves, their time, and money into the career of Annie Frances Lee. We want to give back. As keepers of this great history that is the life and career of Annie F. Lee, it is imperative that we preserve the integrity of Annie’s brand into the future. 

Annie F. Lee - Art Foundation

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 Address: 1029 Summertree Circle Plano, TX 75025

Email: aflee35@gmail.com

Phone #: 972.898.0082

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